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We will stay with them 3

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Humanitarian Good Deposits & IDLIBION Organization Anon profit- non governmental humanitarian organization It deals with various humanitarian developmental educational and health fields. Founded in Turkey under resolution NO 27-027-004 


We will stay with them 3


The social situation that an orphan goes through during his childhood requires a lot of attention from the community, especially those around him.


  Losing a father is not an easy thing for a child who has not reached puberty. At this age, the child is in dire need of the father’s care, guidance, directives, and care.

In order for this child to play his natural role in life, such a social situation should take due care in order for him to practice his normal life. Our true Islamic religion gave special care to the orphan when it imposed on society its care and entrusted each of its children with that.

And we see divine providence manifested in its most dazzling form when it adopts a problem that societies suffer from in all historical roles and stages, except that it is the problem of orphans. He loses direction and becomes a disability and a burden on his society. Neglecting an orphan is equal to neglecting society and destroying its entity.


Orphans are one of the tributaries of happiness in all societies, because they fill a spiritual void, sincere to those whom God Almighty has honored with tenderness of heart for them, and constant tenderness for them. ; To preserve the safety of society and harvest good deeds, those that combine to bring joy to the hearts of orphans, so that sorrow and deprivation turn into promoters of giving and honor, away from sorrows.


We will stay with them and help them with your generosity and giving


Therefore, it is upon us and you to extend a hand of goodness and giving to them and to stand beside them and with them

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